Developing A Fashion Brand

You walk into a party in a simple ensemble and furtive glances and raised eyebrows are what your encounter. Actually it’s all about the brand you are wearing. You are right now making a statement.

That’s what branding is all about. One look at the garment and the onlooker is able to relate the weave, work, colour, embellishment style or typical detailing with the name of the designer. Brand positioning is like sitting high on a pedestal and staying there. A brand could be an exclusive colour like white experimenting with all fabrics and yet the designing could get unique. It is like your personality, unique and distinguished.

Branding is a delicate subject. Once you choose a style it remains. Allowing modifications loosely, the concept should never change. Focusing on the target audience is a marketing skill. One has to adhere to a lot of survey in gathering information about clientele, competitive areas, and spending powers of the client. All this marketing techniques are catered to garner attention on the brand. Once the brand is consolidated, demand automatically generates.

For e.g. If you are focusing on apparel for Indian saris, a certain peacock motif or plain style pallu or zigzag gold-silver zari work in single lines would be a nice idea. Ideas seem many and it’s a designer’s perspective to create that effect.

Expansion of brand creation in the home market and international ramps is also to be well chalked out. Factors of all kinds like finance, turn-around times, talented and classified man power, marketing strategies broad based in seasonal selling, mega-sales and membership facilities is necessary.

Ultimately a brand should be evoking an emotion. A strong sense of recall and awakening from the client should be effectively registered. The creation be it a shirt, print, combination fabric or fashion should be niche, unique and a logo by itself.

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